About Flower Bulbs:

Our goal is to give you inspiration and create your own favorite spring garden! There are many ways to combine flower bulbs in your garden. You can also use our spring garden collections in pots on your terrace or patio for beautiful results. Did you know that some types of flower bulbs prefer shade or sun? Or that we have varieties that bloom early and other bloom late?


Dear flowers friends,

My name is Elseline Warmenhoven, daughter of Cor Warmenhoven and granddaughter of Willem Warmenhoven.

In 1885, when there was enough wind, my great-grandfather Cornelis Warmenhoven, was a flour miller. Because later on it regularly happened that there was little or unreliable wind, he started a flower bulb nursery in a small greenhouse. Over the years, this has become a company where all kinds of flower bulbs were grown.

Orders made ​​before September 1, will be delivered in the same autumn.

My grandfather Willem Warmenhoven also started exporting his flower bulbs to countries in Europe, Scandinavia, the US and even to Russia in the 1950s. My father , Cor Warmenhoven, also had an exhibition every year from 1967 at the Spring Garden ‘Keukenhof’ in Lisse. This grew into its own point of sale, where visitors could order their flower bulbs. I have been part of the company for over 25 years and advised many visitors in their choice.

I am proud to present you my webshop , WWW.FLOWERBULBSHOLLAND.COM. In consultation with my enthusiastic customers, I have been able to put together a beautiful and high-quality selection of different types of flower bulbs through my many years of experience, I invite you to take a look and be inspired.

If you are interested in ordering something, you can do so throughout the year. I am always available for personal advice, tailor-made.

Orders placed before September 1, will be delivered in the same autumn, exactly when the flower bulbs have to be planted in the ground or in pots. In the following spring you can enjoy their flowers, wonderful scents and abundant colors.

I wish you lots of fun!

With wishes,


We deliver our Unique Flower Bulbs to your home

View all surprising combinations of Tulips, Narcissus, Hyacinths, Crocuses, Anemones, Muscari, Scilla, Allium on our website. Make your choice and create your own favorite Spring Garden! If you order before September 1, the order will be delivered in same autumn, just in time to plant them in your garden or in pots.