Get inspired and create your own favorite spring garden! There are many ways to combine flower bulbs in your garden.. You can them in your spring garden, in pots on your terrace or patio for beautiful results. Are you going for a modern garden, a simple and balanced or a classical garden with many colours? Or maybe for a wild garden? View all surprising combinations of Tulips, Narcissus, Hyacinths, Crocuses, Anemones, Muscari, Scilla, Allium That I have already put together for you on our website. Make your choice now and create your own favorite Spring Garden!


Growing flower bulbs in pots and containers is easy. All flower bulbs can be planted in layers and with this technique, also called “lasagna” planting, you can grow in pots, containers on the balcony, terrace, or on a border in your garden. Blooms all spring long! You can also enjoy the extra-long spring for a smaller garden! From February to July.
Start with a container with drainage holes to allow excess water to drain, all flower bulbs like well-draining soil and will rot and die if their feet are left too wet for too long.

Choose 2 or 3 layers with flower bulbs, this also depends on the size of the pots. Important: pick flower bulbs with different flowering times (from February to July).
Plant the last flowering bulbs in the bottom layer, these can be Tulips, Narcissus or Hyacinths, cover this layer with ca. 5 cm earth. Then plant the next layer with another layer of medium early bulbs on top, soil and finish with early blooming bulbs such as Muscari (Muscari), Crocuses, Chionodoxa, Scilla Siberica, Anemone Blanda. Also very surprising to mix per layer, so you have flowers for a few months in the spring! Don’t be too frugal, put in a lots of bulbs.

• Because flower bulbs are available in all colors of the Rainbow you can make your garden as happy as you want.
• Choose a colorful mix or go for a calm style and choose 1 color theme for all bulbs.
• In case of severe frosts, place the pots or trays in a sheltered place. Flower bulbs above ground are more vulnerable to frost than bulbs in the ground
• Give extra water during prolonged drought.


There are many possibilities to be creative with your flower bulbs, they can be planted in pots, baskets and in your garden in the soil or or in layers pots and in baskets. Some flower bulbs come back every year, so keep this in mind when ordering and when planting. We are happy to give you ‘tailor-made’ advice. Enjoy your spring garden and the wonderful colors and scents or bring in “SPRING” with the flowers from your garden, make beautiful bouquets! Enjoy life, enjoy your spring garden!