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About us

Welcome to Flowerbulbs Holland.com


Dear flowers friends,

My name is Elseline Warmenhoven, daughter of Cor Warmenhoven and granddaughter of William Warmenhoven.

In 1885, was my great-grandfather Cornelis Warmenhoven was when there was enough wind a flour Miller. Because it occurred on a regular basis that there is lack of wind, he began in a small greenhouse a flower bulb nursery. Over the years this has become a company where all kinds of flower bulbs were grown.

My grandfather also began In the 1950s with the export of its flower bulbs, supplemented by the types of other growers. My father also had an exhibition every year from 1967 on the 'Keukenhof' Spring Garden in Lisse. This grew into its own sales point, where visitors could order their flowerbulbs. The past 25 years I worked there together with him and many visitors are advised at their choice.

Now is the time that I proudly present to you my own web shop, FLOWERBULBS HOLLAND.COM. In my opinion, with the years of experience gained, I managed to compose a beautiful and high quality selection of various kinds of flower bulbs.

I invite you to go inside and take a look.

If you are interested to order something, then you can do so all year around. Orders made before 1 September, are then delivered in the same autumn. Only then are the flower bulbs available and they must, of course, planted in the ground before the winter.

In the spring you then can enjoy their flowers, perfumes and colours.

I wish you lots of fun!


With best personal regards, Elseline.


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