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Royal Hyacinths Collection Royal Hyacinths Collection

Royal Hyacinths Collection

This Royal collection contains 7 different colors of hyacinths, 10 bulbs of each, separately packed. The wonderful fragrant brings the spring in your garden or in beautiful flower pots on the balcony! The tombs of the princes of Oranje and their family and the Royal Dutch family can be found in the Nieuwe Kerk (new church) in Delft. They are situated under and behind the mausoleum from Willem van Oranje. Delft is also the city of the royal Delft porcelain. Created by the famous “Porceleyne Fles”. Reason enough to call this collection including the famous blue hyacinth DELFTS BLUE! Recommended to you by FLOWERBULBSHOLLAND.COM

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  • 10 x Peter Stuyvesant   +€0.00
  • 10 x Gipsy Queen   +€0.00
  • 10 x Jan Bos   +€0.00
  • 10 x City of Haarlem   +€0.00
  • 10 x Woodstock   +€0.00
  • 10 x Fondant   +€0.00
  • 10 x Carnegie   +€0.00

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