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Exotic Tulips Collection Exotic Tulips Collection

Exotic Tulips Collection

An exotic collection of 105 special "Parrot and Fringed" tulips in 7 different colors, 15 bulbs each, separately packed.Parrots and fringed feels like having a look in paradise when the beautiful flowers from this collection are blooming in your garden. Grey skies? Look outside and enjoy the colourful spectacle coming in your garden. Erratic coloured friends making your day.

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  • 15 x Blue Parrot   +€0.00
  • 15 x Vincent van Gogh   +€0.00
  • 15 x Parrot Pink Vision   +€0.00
  • 15 x Apricot Parrot   +€0.00
  • 15 x Fringed Elegance   +€0.00
  • 15 x White Parrot   +€0.00
  • 15 x Calibra   +€0.00

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