Vincent van Gogh Collection


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This special collection contains 140 purple, pink, white and blue spring flower bulbs. A spring full of flowers! Vincent van Gogh is famous all over the world. This year it is a special van Gogh year, it is exactly 125 years ago he died! Millions visited the van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Nowadays he is known as one of the greatest painters from the 19th century. However during his life only one painting he made was sold. There passed only three years between the creation in his depressed period of the “aardappel eters” (1885) and his colour explosion in Arles, France. He produced all his paintings in a period of only ten years. With this collection, FLOWERBULBSHOLLAND.COM brings you his colours to your own garden.

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Orders made ​​before August 22, will be delivered in the same autumn.