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Cupido Collection Cupido Collection

Cupido Collection

This collection is specially formulated to plant in layers "Lasagne" and gives you about 6.5 weeks flowers in spring.
Perfect for small garden or in pots on your balcony, but also for in the borders.
The Cupid collection contains 205 flower bulbs of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and miscellaneous bulbs.
The daffodils, anemones and crocuses, chionodoxa, can remain in the ground all year around and will multiply.

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  • 15 x Angelique   +€0.00
  • 15 x Ballerina   +€0.00
  • 15 x Queen of Night   +€0.00
  • 10 x Woodstock   +€0.00
  • 15 x Heart's Delight   +€0.00
  • 30 x Jetfire   +€0.00
  • 25 x Anemone Blanda Blue Shades   +€0.00
  • 25 x Crocus White   +€0.00
  • 50 x Chionodoxa Forbesii   +€0.00

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