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Flower Power Collection Flower Power Collection

Flower Power Collection

Flower Power Tulip Collection, this collection symbolizes a slogan used during the late 1960s and early 1970s against war, hunger and poverty. Inspired by the Flower Power colors: love, character, healing power, life, sunlight, serenity, magic, nature.
7x15 tulip bulbs (all packed separately and labeled) contains this special collection, enjoy a peaceful Spring!

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  • 15 x Don Quichotte   +€0.00
  • 15 x Queen of Night   +€0.00
  • 15 x Orange Emperor   +€0.00
  • 15 x Parade   +€0.00
  • 15 x Golden Parade   +€0.00
  • 15 x Negrita   +€0.00
  • 15 x National Velvet   +€0.00

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