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Windmill Collection Windmill Collection

Windmill Collection

This beautiful collection containing 105 Narcissus in 7 variaties, 15 each and separately packed. Good for naturalizing and Deer won't eat them! This collection might associate you with a typical Dutch phenomenon. Let their wings turn and your daffodils bloom forever. At the end of the 12th century, the Standard Windmill appeared in the province Limburg, The Netherlands. The oldest existing windmill still to be found is the DOESBURG WINDMILL. A symbol of Holland and therefore part of the FLOWERBULBSHOLLAND.COM logo.

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  • 15 x Chromacolor   +€0.00
  • 15 x Dutch Master   +€0.00
  • 15 x Ice Follies   +€0.00
  • 15 x Mount Hood   +€0.00
  • 15 x Pink Charm   +€0.00
  • 15 x Replete   +€0.00
  • 15 x Love Day   +€0.00

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